EKAW 2006 - 15th International Conference on
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks

2nd-6th October 2006 - Podebrady (near Prague), Czech Republic

Conference Location - Czech Republic

Conference Venue

The Conference will be held in a spa town Podebrady, namely at Hotel Bellevue – Tlapak. The address is:

Hotel Bellevue – Tlapak
Congress Hall
Namesti T. G. Masaryka 654

The Bellevue hotel yard has an ideal position in the heart of Poděbrady. It is located in the middle of the bath park, near the famous flower clock. The hotel provides comfort, peace, privacy and perfect services.

About the town

Podebrady is a calm town situated 50 km to the east of Prague, famous for its spas and its royal descendent, King George of Podebrady. Podebrady was founded in 1224 near an important crossing on the Elbe river. Podebrady castle is the birthplace of King George, according to historians he was born in 1420. His peace efforts were influential throughout the centuries which followed.

As early as the 17th century a small spa was founded in Podebrady. The waters here were considered the most medicinal in the region with their high iron content.

In the year 1905, an exceptionally strong spring with healing mineral water has been discovered in the courtyard of the Podebrady castle. Since 1908, heart, circulation and blood vessel diseases have been treated in the carbon bath with iron-containing water.

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