EKAW 2006 - 15th International Conference on
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks

2nd-6th October 2006 - Podebrady (near Prague), Czech Republic

Regular papers

i2dee: an Integrated and Interactive Data Exploration Environment used for Ontology Design
Fabien Jalabert, Sylvie Ranwez, Vincent Derozier, Michel Crampes

Frequent pattern discovery from OWL DLP knowledge bases
Joanna Jozefowska, Agnieszka Lawrynowicz, Tomasz Lukaszewski

Semantic Metrics
Bo Hu

Towards a Knowledge Ecosystem
Roberto Fonti, Piercarlo Slavazza, Massimo Ferraro, Christian Biasuzzi, Luca Gilardoni

Ontology Engineering, Scientific Method, and the Research Agenda: Towards Self Organizing Knowledge
Hans Akkermans, Jaap Gordijn

Engineering and learning of adaptation knowledge in Case-Based Reasoning
Amélie Cordier, Béatrice Fuchs, Alain Mille

Evaluating a Thesaurus Browser for an Audio-Visual Archive
Veronique Malaise, Lora Aroyo, Hennie Brugman, Luit Gazendam, Annemieke de Jong, Cristian Negru, Guus Schreiber

Role organization model in Hozo
Eiichi Sunagawa, Kouji Kozaki, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Riichiro Mizoguchi

Verification and Refactoring of Ontologies With Rules
Joachim Baumeister, Dietmar Seipel

Distributed Multi-Contextual Ontology Evolution - A Step Towards Semantic Autonomy
Zurawski Maciej

Knowledge Acquisition with Repertory Grids and Formal Concept Analysis for Dialog System Construction
Hilke Garbe, Claudia Janssen, Claus Möbus, Heiko Seebold, Holger de Vries

Ontology Enrichment Through Automatic Semantic Annotation of On-line Glossariem
Roberto Navigli, Paola Velardi

Multilayered Semantic Social Network Modeling by Clustering Ontology-Based User Profiles
Ivan Cantador, Pablo Castells

Semantic Search Components: a blueprint for effective query language interfaces
Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta

Discovering Semantic Sibling Groups from Web Documents with XTREEM-SG
Marko Brunzel, Myra Spiliopoulou

Matching Unstructured Vocabularies using a Background Ontology
Zharko Aleksovski, Michel Klein, Warner Kate, Frank van Harmelen

Ontology Selection for the Real Semantic Web: How to Cover the Queen’s Birthday Dinner?
Marta Sabou, Vanessa Lopez, Enrico Motta

Short papers

An Evaluation Method for Ontology Complexity Analysis in Ontology Evolution
Chuan Ye

Designing and Evaluating Patterns for Ontology Enrichment from Texts
Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, Marie-Paule Jacques

Rich Personal Semantic Web Clients: scenario and a prototype
Christian Morbidoni, Giovanni Tummarello, Michele Nucci, Francesco Piazza, Paolo Puliti

Reuse: Revisiting The Sisyphus-VT Case Study
Derek Sleeman, Trevor Runcie, Peter Gray

Evaluation of Incremental Knowledge Acquisition: A Study based on Simulated Experts
Tri Cao, Paul Compton

Capturing Quantified Constraints in FOL, through Interaction with a Relationship Graph
Peter Gray, Graham Kemp

Iterative bayesian network implementation by using expert annotated association rules in a knowledge
Clément Fauré, Sylvie Delprat, Alain Mille, Jean-François Boulicaut

Assisting Domain Experts to Formulate and Solve Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Stuart Chalmers, Derek Sleeman

A Formal Approach to Qualitative Reasoning on Topological Properties of Networks
Andrea Rodriguez, Claudio Gutierrez

Towards Knowledge Management based on Harnessing Collective Intelligence on the Web
Koji Zettsu

From Natural Language to Formal Proof Goal - Structured Goal Formalisation Applied to Medical Guidelines
Ruud Stegers, Annette ten Teije, Frank van Harmelen

Mathematical Foundations for Knowledge Acquisition
Megan Vazey

A Methodological View on Knowledge-Intensive Subgroup Discovery
Martin Atzmueller, Frank Puppe

The ODESeW platform as a tool for managing EU projects: the KnowledgeWeb case study
Oscar Corcho, Asun Gomez-Perez, Angel Lopez-Cima, M. Carmen Suarez

SemSearch: A Search Engine for the Semantic Web
Yuangui Lei, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta

Towards a CBR Tool for Management of Software Design Knowledge
Paulo Gomes, André Leitão

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